'How could the Outsider have chosen such a bungler? ...When had he ever offered a single sacrifice, however small, to the Outsider? Never! Not one in his entire life. Yet the Outsider had extended infinite credit to him... Certainly he would never be able to repay the Outsider for the knowledge and the honor, no matter how hard or how long he tried.' (Gene Wolfe, Nightside The Long Sun)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

...on course upon a greater sea to strange new islands.  Good fishing!  Good fishing!  Good fishing!  Good fishing!  Good fishing!


-Return to the Whorl (2001)

I was just reading through some old posts and the wonderful interaction I received from some readers and it makes me hanker to take up this blog again.  Alas, for some time I've only been able to blog about Lafferty because that's related to my university coursework.  I'll definitely be blogging about Wolfe again at some point, but I'm not sure how soon.  (I'm nearing the end of Sorcerer's House, which I took down from the shelf on a whim in a need for some different reading.  Very entertaining.  Recalls Castleview a bit.  But I really want to re-read Cerberus and Peace and the Solar Cycle and finally nail down the Soldier series and finally finish all the short stories, etc.)  Anyway, here's hoping for some good Wolfean fishing in the not too distant future.

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James said...

For your consideration.

I've not sure exactly of everything happening in Sorcerer's House, but I think we can settle some points:

George Dunn is a werewolf and that is the meaning of Bax's Kipling quote at the beginning of the story. The full quote is "
"He is a thief by instinct, a murderer by heredity and training, and frankly and bestially immoral by all three. [...] Herein he is as unaccountable as the gray wolf, who is his blood-brother."

George Dunn is the werewolf Bax kills with the blunderbuss on the way back from the restaurant. All the letters after that were written by Bax.

This story overlays the story of Jacob (the whose name means or came to mean "supplanter") and "hairy" Esau.

The young twins are early versions of Bax and George.

The neighbors of the House are "Neighbors", that is fairy people.