'How could the Outsider have chosen such a bungler? ...When had he ever offered a single sacrifice, however small, to the Outsider? Never! Not one in his entire life. Yet the Outsider had extended infinite credit to him... Certainly he would never be able to repay the Outsider for the knowledge and the honor, no matter how hard or how long he tried.' (Gene Wolfe, Nightside The Long Sun)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Face Too Large to Be Seen

'I saw nothing and heard nothing, yet it seemed to me that the face of the Outsider had appeared, filling the whole sky and indeed overflowing it, a face too large to be seen - that I was seeing him in the only way that a human being can see him, which is to say in the way that a flea sees a man.  Call it nonsense if you like; I have often called it nonsense myself.  But is it really so impossible that the god of lonely, outcast things should have favored those two, exiled as they were to their sea-girt, naked rock?  Who was, who could be, more broken, exiled and despairing than Maytera Marble?  Whether or not there was truth in the presence that I sensed then, I fell to my knees.'  (On Blue's Waters, p. 92)

(The photographer called this 'God in the Clouds' because of the discernible 'facial features'.)

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