'How could the Outsider have chosen such a bungler? ...When had he ever offered a single sacrifice, however small, to the Outsider? Never! Not one in his entire life. Yet the Outsider had extended infinite credit to him... Certainly he would never be able to repay the Outsider for the knowledge and the honor, no matter how hard or how long he tried.' (Gene Wolfe, Nightside The Long Sun)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

'Wolfe's books are like extended literary dreams, and you'll be haunted by them afterwards.'

That's what an Amazon reviewer said here that so succinctly sums up what I was more wordily trying to say here!


ABittan said...

Thank you. If I wrote it again I'd probably remove the "like".

Daniel Otto Jack Petersen said...

Yes, Yes, I see that taking out the 'like' would indeed make the saying even more apt! Glad you stopped by and saw this.